Jobs List

– Clean walls – repaint if needed
– Update notice boards

– Deep Clean
– Remove White board.
– Re Paint Walls.
– Gloss all wood.
– Tile around hand sink
– Fix coat hooks.

– Deep Clean
– Check Condition of toilet seats
– Repair Cistern in Gents (slow filling)
– Repair Baby Changing table
– Fit thermostatic valves on hot taps
on all toilets and hand wash sink.
– Fit push taps
– Clean Walls, re paint where needed

– Fit Whiteboard
– Finish wall

– Deep Clean
– Repair Cover Panel
– Repair Sink in store room
– Install hot External tap in store room

Changing Rooms
– Deep Clean.
– Paint if needed.

РColour Code 9v9 goals
РLabel pitch equipment (Mini + 9v9)
– Build dividing wall for secure area.

– Clear soil/grass from tarmac alongside the face.
– Mark out parking spaces on tarmac.
– Deep Clean Plant room
– Repair Hot water heater (wire)
– Install external tap in plant room
– Jet wash all bins
– Cut along fence + around container
– Cut grass next to building
– Weed killer!
– Repair faulty connection on hot water boiler.
– Repair razor wire brackets
– Repair/Replace Container doors and frame

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