Postponing Fixtures

Postponing Fixtures

During times of inclement weather there are times when fixtures have to be postponed. This can be due to waterlogged pitches, snow or ice. You will be informed as soon as possible if your fixtures have been postponed.

At Trubshaw Cross should we need to inspect the pitches on Match Day we will do so at 8am

Should you need to postpone your fixture then you need to inform the Branch officials [Chairman, Fixture Secretary & Referee Secretary], Your Opposition

Additionaly you will need to inform The League General Secretary [Tony Sheldon] imeadietly stating the reasons why you have postponed your fixture.

[fancy_header] North Staffs Junior Youth League Rule 10 F (i) states[/fancy_header]

In the event of a Club failing to keep its engagement the Management Committee shall have power to inflict a fine (seeĀ  Appendix C), deduct points from the defaulting Club, award the points to the opponents, order the defaulting Club to pay any expenses incurred by the opponents or otherwise deal with them except the award of goals. Notwithstanding the foregoing home and away provision, the Management Committee shall have power to order a match to be played on a neutral ground or on the opponents ground if they are satisfied that such action is warranted by the circumstances.

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