Self Management

Self Management

On July 1st 2015 Staffordshire Ladsandads Club was granted a licence to take over the running of two sites owned by Stoke-on-Trent City Council under the Councils Self management programme.

One of the sites is Trubshaw Cross which is managed by the Trubshaw Cross Ladsandads committee on behalf of Staffordshire Ladsandads.

This Self Management will allow us to develop and improve the site for the benefit of our members.

What is Self Management?

Self-management is where a team, club, league or community group can take on the responsibility for running their own sports ground. There are a number of sites across the city that are already being leased and managed successfully in this way, and we are now looking to extend this by inviting groups to apply to manage 10 more sites.

Under self-management we take on responsibility for maintaining the site whilst ownership is maintained by the city council. Responsibilities include day-to-day tasks such as cutting the grass and painting the lines. Self-management however opens the opportunity to develop the site in the future through the ability to apply for a wide range of grant funding which may not be accessible by a local authority